What you need to do

Look at the Guidance Notes for completing an application (available to download and print out).


If you think you are eligible for a bursary grant, download and complete a copy of the Application Form.


  •   Complete all sections, including all financial questions, and provide Trustees with a full breakdown of expected costs.


  •   Ask two referees to add support to your application.  They may not be family members and should generally include a

      teacher or employer who knows you.


  •   Send your application to The Clerk of the Foundation, c/o Hinchingbrooke School, Brampton Road, Huntingdon PE29 3BN,

       before the end of December, March or September for next Trustees’ Bursary Committee meeting.


  •   You will be informed of the bursary value if you are successful.  Receipts or other evidence of purchase will be required

       before a  grant cheque is sent to you.


  •   The value of any bursary paid has to be returned to the Foundation if for any reason you cannot use it for the

       purpose applied for.


  •   Bursaries awarded towards the cost of taking part in school trips will generally be paid by the Foundation direct to your



The Trustees will welcome any feedback on how you made use of your grant and what the grant did for you.

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Hinchingbrooke Foundation

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